Dental X-Ray Services in Hamilton, ON

Digital X-Ray

Dentistry has come a long way in tech, which also means x-rays have become a lot safer in terms of radiation. Digital x-rays are much faster than the traditional method of x-rays and can produce great results in imagingin for the doctor, much higher than traditional methods. With x-rays, the doctor is able to see any issues such as cavities, wisdom teeth growth and or jaw issues. With digital storage, we are able to provide accurate history and safe storage for future references.

Panoramic Dental X-Ray

This form of x-ray provides dentists 1 image of your whole teeth from the top to bottom. This service provides the doctor a much more in depth and wider view of your teeth. From this, they are able to tell if there are any bone deformities, wisdom teeth, cavities etc. All of which is valuable information to diagnose and plan around the best services for you.

For the most part there is not much to prepare for a panoramic dental x-ray. Metal such as cellphones and jewelry should be put away. In most cases, a lead apron will help with safety precautions. If there are any underlying health issues or concerns such as pregnancy, patients should always notify the doctor.


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