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Dental Crown Services in Hamilton, ON

A dental crown is well-known as a tooth-shaped covering that is placed over your existing tooth. The dental crown is placed over the gum line, capping your tooth, which is then centered. The size, structure, and strength of a tooth can be restored through the use of a dental crown. A natural-looking smile, a natural feel and overall look can be repaired and helped by the use of a dental crown.

Before the crown is implanted, preparation is required. For the crown to fit on top of the tooth, the tooth will most likely be shaped and grinded properly and seamlessly. Along with the gums surrounding the tooth, an impression of the tooth will be sent to the dental laboratory. Through this, a perfect dental crown can be made. Until your custom crown is made and place on top of your tooth, you might be provided with a temporary crown. The dental crown will be cemented to your tooth once it is ready.


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