Why Do You Need Invisalign


holding invisalign

So you may be reading this in hopes of getting some insight into this new Invisalign teeth straightening. Much like braces, the purpose is the same. Now, what is the difference between the two? Is one better than the other or are there any drawbacks? 

Dental braces are designed to straighten teeth by utilizing metal brackets which are then glued and tied together with rubber bands specially made for braces. Now what is great about braces is their strength in straightening more complex structures. However, the pros and cons of having them are you can’t simply “forget” about keeping them on. Because of this, regular maintenance is a must to make sure it stays clean. Although it is faster at straightening, it is much more painful especially when tightening. 

In contrast, Invisalign is made to be “invisible”. Traditional brace methods are more aggressive in comparison which is why many people prefer to opt for Invisalign. One of the drawbacks of Invisalign is the time it takes to straighten your teeth. This is due to its more gentle approach, easier cleaning, easier to eat with and less discomfort. Don’t forget although it is convenient, the user must remember to keep it on unless they’re eating or at bedtime! With so many different degrees of straightening, the speed of which differs from case to case. One thing is for sure, the consistency in maintenance will definitely dictate the speed and quality. We know some people feel more restricted with the food they eat when they have braces. Luckily, there are no food restrictions when using Invisalign. Invisalign should be taken out and rinsed with regular brushing of your teeth after meals will help with staining and cavities. Regular visits to your dentist are a must to ensure proper alignment. Unlike braces, you’ll need to change your Invisalign (custom made for you) every 2 weeks which is where a lot of the cost goes.

Now, both options have their pros and cons from cost to effectiveness. Therefore, a consultation with your dentist in Hamilton is a must to weigh your options. If you’re in need of consultation feel free to give us Rosewood Dentistry a call. We are your family dentistry in Hamilton, Ontario!